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Associate Professor at Versailles University (Paris Saclay)

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Smahane Akhouad is an Associate Professor in Private Law at the University of Versailles (Paris Saclay) where she teaches within the Master's degree in Arbitration & International Trade specializing in contract and liability law, as well as business law and domestic and international arbitration law. She also gives classes in arbitration law within the Arbitration Law Degree at the University of Montpellier.  


From 2015 to 2018, Smahane was a legal adviser at the law firm Mickaël Robert Avocats where she provided legal consultation in arbitration law, contract law and in civil procedure law. 

She has published numerous reference articles in arbitration law.



Arbitration and business litigation



French, English and Spanish. ​ 


  • Doctor of Private Law - Versailles University

  • Master's degree in Private Contract law - Versailles University



Philippe Fouchard Ph.D. Prize awarded by the French Committee of Arbitration (2013)







  • The Notion of the Party in Arbitration (612 pages), Thesis, 2012 (directed by Prof. Th. Clay)

  • "Arbitration Law", collective work, Dalloz Action, publication 2019

 Articles (Paper / Contributions) 

  • "Reflection on the French arbitral model" (in process of editing)

  • "The notion of reasonable in arbitration law" (in process of editing)

  • "Reflections on the legal language and its little exercises of application to the arbitration law" (Civil Law Quarterly Review 2015, p. 785)

  • "Return on the obligation of concentration des grounds" (Lamy Civil Procedure Code commented 2011, n ° 119, p.1)  


Comments of Case law (or case briefs)

  • Comment on Versailles Court of Appeal, November 28, 2017, Bulletin of the judgments of the Versailles Court of Appeal 2018, n° 1, p. 12

  • Comment on Versailles Court of Appeal, February 9, 2017, Bulletin of the judgments of the Versailles Court of Appeal 2017, n° 2, p. 17 "

  • "A new substantive rule specific to international arbitration regarding the representatives power to engage their client?", comment on Paris Court of Appeal, June 24, 2014, Review of arbitration 2015, p. 520

  • "The decision of the arbitrating doctor is binding on the insured who concluded an arbitration agreement", comment on the French Supreme Court.'s decision 2nd civ., October 3, 2013, Les Petites Affiches 2014, n° 19, p. 16

  • "Are the Challenge Decisions of the Arbitration Institution Confidential? ", comment on Paris Court of first instance, December 19, 2012, Journal of International Arbitration, 2013, p. 455

  • "The Decline of the Independence of the Arbitration Agreement towards the main Contract", comment on Paris Court of Appeal, December 4, 2012, Les Petites Affiches 2013, n° 85, p. 7

  • "Compensation for damages voids the guarantee, or how a legal guarantee can be abused by a conventional guarantee...", comment on French Supreme Court, February 1, 2011, Les Petites Affiches 2011, n° 149, p. 9